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Operation 1

  1. Transfer Pipette & Wash Bottle   WMV   FLV
  2. Electronic Balance   WMV   FLV
  3. Preparation of Standard Solution with Volumetric Flask   WMV   FLV
  4. Volumetric Pipette & Safety Pipette Filler   WMV   FLV
  5. Titration with a Burette   WMV   FLV
  6. Rinsing of Volumetric Glassware with a Standard Solution   WMV   FLV
  7. Bunsen Burner   WMV   FLV
  8. Heating with a Casserole   WMV   FLV
  9. Separation by Pipette Drawing   WMV   FLV
  10. Separation by Decantation   WMV   FLV
  11. Centrifugation   WMV   FLV
  12. Gravity Filtration   WMV   FLV
  13. Vacuum Filtration   WMV   FLV
  14. Hot Filtration & Recrystallization   WMV   FLV
  15. Paper Chromatography   WMV   FLV
  16. Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC)   WMV   FLV
  17. Measurement of Melting Point   WMV   FLV
  18. Disposal of Liquid Wastes from Laboratories   WMV   FLV
  19. Washing of the Apparatuses   WMV   FLV
  20. Sample Storage in Paper   WMV   FLV

Operation 2

  1. Laboratory Hood   WMV   FLV
  2. Aluminon Lake   WMV   FLV
  3. Iodometry   WMV   FLV
  4. Chelate Titration   WMV   FLV
  5. TLC Plate Cutter   WMV   FLV
  6. Pleated Filter Paper 1   WMV   FLV
  7. Pleated Filter Paper 2, Simple Folding   WMV   FLV
  8. Natural Dye and Mordant   WMV   FLV
  9. Separating Funnel   WMV   FLV
  10. Rotary Evaporator   WMV   FLV
  11. Column Chromatography   WMV   FLV

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