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How to Use This Operation Guide

Two types of movies are placed on each page.

WMV (Windows Media Video) Movie

  • This may not be displayed on the platform without Windows OS.
  • The movie of 640 x 480 size is displayed in 320 x 240 size.
  • A relatively fine movie is displayed in full-screen size when double clicking it.
  • Therefore, this is suitable for displaying to students in a classroom.

FLV (Flash Video) Movie

  • This can be displayed on any platforms.
  • The movie of 320 x 240 size is displayed in 320 x 240 size.
  • Please try this if the movies is not displayed.

General Remarks

  • This visual teaching material is prepared for the freshmen who study chemical experiments for the first time. Therefore, the fundamental technique of chemical experiments which can be understood easily are explained here.
  • This manual is made based on the subjects of "Fundamental Chemical Experiments" which is an undergraduate course open to all departments in Kyoto University. The subjects are classified to "Inorganic Qualitative Analysis Experiment", "Volumetric Analysis Experiment", and "Organic Chemistry Experiment".
  • Some contents are valid only in the class of "Fundamental Chemical Experiments" which are indicated with this font color.
  • The electric balance, the centrifuge, and the micro melting point apparatus used in the class are explained here. Therefore, the names of the button and the switch vary according to the machines.

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