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8. Heating with a Casserole

General Remarks

How to Use a Casserole

  1. Gently heat a casserole containing a solution with a small flame and slowly move the casserole in a consistent circular motion over a flame.
  2. When the liquid begins to boil, move the casserole away from the flame. Then, keep gentle boiling by occasional heating.
  3. When a part of the bottom of the casserole begins to dry, move the casserole away from the flame and let the solution completely dry by residual heat.

8. Heating Using a Tripod and Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center

General Remarks

How to Heat a Liquid in Glassware

  1. After ignition and adjustment of the flame, move a tripod and wire gauze with ceramic center to the burner. Then, put the container on the gauze.
  2. For long time heating, cover the container with a watch glass to prevent the liquid from drying. Put a watch glass with the convex side down.